Smile Lounge Interactive

Smile Lounge Interactive
Saratoga Springs

Project Details

Website Development and Branding

‚ÄćWe designed a modern, user-friendly website for Smile Lounge Interactive that reflected their vibrant and playful brand identity. Using bold orange colors, we conveyed a sense of fun and excitement, aligning with the company's mission to provide engaging photo booth experiences. The new website featured an intuitive layout, high-quality visuals, and clear calls-to-action, making it easy for potential clients to navigate and understand the services offered.

SEO Strategy Revamp

‚ÄćTo help Smile Lounge Interactive scale their business, we overhauled their SEO strategy. This involved comprehensive keyword research to identify terms potential clients were using to search for photo booth services. We optimized the website content, meta tags, and alt text with these keywords, enhancing the site's visibility on search engines. Additionally, we created blog content centered around event planning tips and the benefits of photo booths, further boosting the site's SEO performance and attracting organic traffic.

Lead Generation and Market Expansion

‚ÄćWe integrated lead generation forms throughout the website to capture potential client information seamlessly. This included inquiry forms on service pages and a prominent contact form on the homepage. To broaden their market reach, we implemented localized SEO tactics, targeting specific regions in Upstate New York. This strategic focus helped Smile Lounge Interactive attract more regional clients and expand their service area effectively.


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Web Design
3D Modeling
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