The Cookie Factory

Baking Smiles For Your Browser

Troy, NY

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Web Design
Product Design
Branding & Identity

Project Summary

The Cookie Factory is a family-owned bakery in Troy NY, conveniently one mile from our home office. We decided one day (probably around lunchtime) to reach out and see if they needed any help updating their website. We thought at the very least we could score some free cookies.

The Challenge

We quickly realized that while The Cookie Factory still had hometown charm, they were doing business on a cross-country scale. Their old website was stale and sending the wrong message to wholesale prospects. Our job? Baking up something fresh and modern while maintaining the brand’s heritage and story.

Our Approach

First, we had to limit ourselves to consuming two cookies a day (research purposes). The owner’s family has strong Italian roots and uses a color palette reminiscent of the Italian flag. We expanded upon the use of their brand colors and captured a collection of high-quality images to scatter across the site.

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Screen Licking Good

As with any of our restaurant or food-themed websites, the images have one purpose. Create a physical reaction that makes you crave whatever treat we tantalizingly present on the page. The secret for capturing a mouth-watering cookie photo? Go right to the source and snap a picture while they’re hot!

The Future of the Factory

One of the main focuses of this project was always to launch an e-commerce platform so the rest of the country could experience the ecstasy you feel when knocking out a pack of their Fudge Fantasies. We’re currently working with them to design the packaging for the shipping containers and hope to be able to launch this part of the project in early 2021.

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