Project Overview

So, here's the deal: Obviad is all about connecting local businesses with local advertisers. They focus on venues like gyms, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, where advertisers can place their ads on the walls. It's a win-win situation: local businesses can make some extra money by hosting ads, and advertisers can reach their target audience in a hyper-local way.

We were so impressed with the concept that we decided to partner with Obviad to help grow their business. And let me tell you, it's been a wild ride so far!

The first thing we did was to work closely with the Obviad team to understand their goals and needs. We brainstormed ideas for the website and came up with a sleek, user-friendly design that would appeal to both local businesses and advertisers. We made sure the website was easy to navigate and that it showcased the benefits of Obviad in a clear and concise way.

One of the challenges we faced was figuring out how to make the website stand out from other advertising platforms. We wanted to create a sense of community and really emphasize the hyper-local aspect of Obviad. So, we came up with the idea of featuring photos and stories from the venues themselves, showcasing the unique personalities of each location and encouraging advertisers to become part of the local scene.

Services Provided

Web Design & Development
Identity Design
Workflow Automation
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