MFNS Tech, Inc.

Nano Tech for Our Oceans

Glenview IL

Project Details
Web Design
Branding & Identity
Logo Design

Project Summary

MFNS Tech, Inc is a nano tech company focused on creating a better planet to live on. Their first goal? Developing and introducing their OHM sponge product industries and government agencies dealing with water contamination issues.

The Challenge

Creating a brand that was true to their humanitarian belief system, as well as allowed them to grow as the product line expanded.

Our Approach

We wanted to create brand identity that was modern, professional and approachable. We created a design system that utilized a aqua-turquoise gradient throughout the website and branded material, giving the brand a modern, green appeal.

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MFNS Tech, Inc. want to be known as "Stewards of the environment". Much of their exposure has been a result of the greater good their product could help the world realize and the associated PR from this potential. Instead of selling the financial benefits outright, we elevated this narrative to the forefront of our web strategy.

The logo we designed was the result of few revision session. Each team member had a distinct vision for the direction they wanted to see the logo go. We were able to pick an element from each person while still keeping a simple yet memorable logo.

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