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Little Pecks

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Project Summary

Little pecks is a popular hangout spot in Troy NY which resides inside a multi faceted space operated by Clark House Hospitality group. Thanks to the forces of nature and a killer brunch offering Little Pecks recently found itself at the forefront of the entire operation. It was clearly time to give his cafe a website that stood on it's own.

The Challenge

Capturing the essence of the brand, while at the same time losing use of the venues interior, whose richness and character defined much of the experience.

Our Approach

Unable to use the building as a selling point (for the time being) we wanted to create a visual experience that alluded to momentary bliss. This led to a super fun photoshoot that combined heavenly brunch fare and dreamlike colored backgrounds.

Coming back for the biscuits

If you've never experienced a Little Pecks Breakfast Biscuit, you are truly missing out. With an ever changing menu, we decided to feature one of their most loved items.

Laid Back Brunches

Out of entire hospitality group, Little Pecks has always had the most personality, and never takes themselves too seriously. We felt it was important to emphasize this characteristic and did so by using playful copy and fluid micro interactions.

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