Donnas Italian

Pizza, Pasta, Parm & Peronis

Troy, NY

Project Details
Web Design
Branding & Identity

Project Summary

What happens when a pandemic hits and you need to switch it up at your restaurant to adapt to the new “normal”? You bring back a popular gourmet pizza joint! Our goal was to design a website where the images screamed eat me and create an online ordering platform that recreated the eat-in experience!

The Challenge

Closing a tapas restaurant with a loyal customer base and replacing it with something radically different. While the owner is known for shaking things up, we knew this was going to be a surprise to the community no matter what.

Our Approach

Changing the restaurant style was a big move for the owners, so to keep trust within their current customers, we needed to communicate the same  level of quality and originality the new, Italian inspired menu, would be replacing. We did this by leaning into the branded material already established from the Donna's first run, a couple of years previous.

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Italian Food Makes Everything Better

During a time of uncertainty, (hello 2020), it was important for customers to feel comfort in the ability to order from a new gourmet pizza restaurant offering a new delivery/pick up service.

Adding some creative zest

Without the ability to host guests within the restaurant (due to an unforeseen construction project) we wanted to make the online experience enjoyable. We took various logo elements and brought them to life with small animations throughout.

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