Clark House Hospitality

One Roof, Many Options

Troy, NY

Project Details
Web Design
Branding & Identity

Project Summary

Clark House Hospitality group is a collection of eateries, bars, and retail shops, all currently located in Troy, NY. The website design for Clark House Hospitality needed to tie in each distinct brand personality while maintaining the overarching brand identity.

The Challenge

As we worked on this project, Clark House was making drastic changes to some of its brands. These changes led to our team having to shift priorities a few times to help them with short term solutions required to navigate unforeseen challenges.

Our Approach

Design a site that mimicked day and night. They have a popular cafe and convenience store that is open throughout the day. Inside, there is a beautiful indoor garden space featuring huge skylights. At night a mysterious vibe is created at both Lucas Confectionery, a wine romantic wine bar with old Troy charm, and Donna’s Italian, an Italian restaurant serving gourmet pizza and Italian staples. We wanted the website to reflect this duality of light and dark spaces.

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Keeping the People Updated

Between the pandemic and construction, the building’s restaurants and bars were in a constant state of flux. It was essential to keep the pages updated with the latest information about how you could order, what spaces were open, and the plan to deal with the pandemic.

Creating a Cohesive Experience

The leaders behind the business have a reputation for quick thinking and acting with lightning-fast responses. And so, making sure that the identity of Clark House and the brands residing within remained solid was one of our top priorities. People don’t like change, though I’m sure we’re all becoming a little more tolerant of it this year.

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