January 16, 2021

7 best restaurant website designs in the world

We traveled the world (googled searched) and created a list of the best restaurant website designs we could find.
Zane Krumanocker
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Looking for some mouth watering restaurant design?

2020 was a challenging year for restaurants.

If you're a restaurant owner, you probably would consider that an understatement.

Either you adapted, or you closed up shop.

Mobile and web apps like Grubhub, Mealeo and Doordash have transformed the way we order our takeout. Unfortunately, they do very little for facilitating brand loyalty and engaging experiences.

We all miss the in-person dining experience, but unfortunately, it's still unclear as to when everyone will be able to enjoy that experience in the same way again.

Earlier in the year, we created a few restaurant websites (a couple of which are featured below) to create a unique dining experience through web design.

The best restaurant website design performs at least 2 or 3 of the following things well:

  • Offers online ordering or links to a third-party platform that processes online orders.
  • Feature high-quality full-screen images of the food and drinks.
  • Create an emotional brand connection and encourage engagement on social media
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7 great restaurant websites

Below we've put together a list what we think some of the best, stunning and effective restaurant sites you'll find on the web.

Little Pecks*

Location: Troy, NY

Type: Cafe

The Little Pecks website features playful food shots and lets it's fun and bubbly brand personality shine through. Being the food photographers and web designers for this project, we knew we wanted to create a website for this cafe that let the food photos do the talking, while the overall design set the mood.

*This is one of our projects. Want to learn more about this project? Read our case study!

Donnas Italian*

Location: Troy, NY

Type: Italian Restaurant

If you load up this Italian Restaurants website while thinking about a classic Italian dish, the close-up food photography of some of their signature plates or pizza is going to make that decision easy.

*This is one of our projects. Want to learn more about this project? Read our case study!


Location: Saint-Raphaël, France

Type: French Restaurant

If you miss the experience of actually being inside a restaurant, you should explore Mugs site. With 3d web effects and/or clever use of parallax movement, this website offers a unique VR experience. This was one of our favorite websites when it came to the use of restaurant photography.



Location: Chicago, IL

Type: American Restaurant

Featuring a modern and minimal design, this site is easy to navigate, clearly communicates important information like safety protocols and how to order online.

On top of that, they are using their website to promote a "cook our dishes yourself at home" concept that sounds like a lot of fun. They also maintain a pretty interesting food blog, which I'm sure has been great for keeping customers engaged.


Lucky Folks

Location: Lieusaint, France

Type: Pub

Not only is this website a lot of fun, but the classic board and arcade game concept looks like a blast. Using high-quality video production, this site makes you feel like you're in the middle of what looks like a non-stop party. While I'm sure they serve great food, it's this engaging restaurant videography that is making me excited for a night out.


Urban Belly

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Asian Fusion Restaurant

The restaurant's website has a nice balance of in our face branding and interesting video content. It looks like they feature user-generated social media content such as hashtagged Instagram posts. The main video shows a back of house experience that does a great job at helping you appreciate the art of cooking what looks to be some delicious meals.


Cork & Craft // Abnormal

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Asian Fusion Restaurant

This is probably our favorite site on the list that we didn't make ourselves. The way they've created such a smooth, interactive experience is really quite breathtaking! This restaurant's website features perfectly branded videography and photography. The quality and creative direction are what set's this site apart.


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