How To Create a High Converting Contact Form

Unleash the power of high-converting contact forms! Short, visually appealing, and mobile-optimized forms can skyrocket leads & engagement.

Zane Krumanocker
Zane Krumanocker
Creative Director | Co-founder
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How To Create a High Converting Contact Form

Ready to turn your online contact forms into conversion powerhouses? With a touch of creativity and a pinch of strategy, you can transform your forms into irresistible gateways for leads and customer engagement. Let's dive into the secret recipe for contact forms that convert!

The Art of Crafting Online Contact Forms that Convert

Keep it Short and Sweet

Nobody enjoys filling out a lengthy form, so don't turn it into an interrogation! Stick to the essentials and ask only for the information you truly need. A shorter form means more completed submissions and happier users.

Make it Visually Appealing

Let's face it - nobody wants to stare at a dull, lifeless form. Spruce it up with your brand's colors, typography, and design elements to make it a visual treat. An attractive form is more likely to entice users to hit "submit."

Use Clear and Concise Labels

Don't leave your users guessing with cryptic labels. Be crystal clear with your form field labels, so users know exactly what information you're asking for. Remember, clarity is the key to conversion success!

Add a Touch of Personalization

Everybody loves a personalized experience. Make your users feel special by using smart forms that adapt to their inputs, or by addressing them by name if possible. A little personal touch goes a long way!

Optimize for Mobile

Don't forget about our beloved mobile users! Make sure your contact forms are responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices. A seamless mobile experience will keep users engaged and eager to submit their info.

Break Up Longer Forms

If you absolutely must have a longer form, break it up into bite-sized sections or steps. This will make the form less intimidating and improve the user experience. Bonus points for adding a progress bar to show users how far they've come!

Add Helpful Tooltips

Sometimes, users need a little extra guidance. Add tooltips or help icons next to form fields to provide additional information or examples. This will help prevent user frustration and increase form completion rates.

Leverage Smart Defaults

Pre-fill form fields with smart defaults or suggestions to save users time and effort. This not only makes the form-filling process quicker but also reduces the chances of user errors.

Ensure Security and Privacy

Users want to feel safe when providing their information. Display security and privacy badges, and ensure your form is GDPR-compliant to instill confidence and trust in your visitors.

Craft a Compelling Call-to-Action

Finally, seal the deal with a powerful call-to-action (CTA) button that entices users to submit the form. Use persuasive language, contrasting colors, and clear messaging to create a CTA that's impossible to resist.

In Conclusion

Creating online contact forms that convert is all about striking the perfect balance between user experience, design, and functionality. By keeping your forms short, visually appealing, and user-friendly, you'll make it easy for visitors to share their information and connect with your brand. Don't forget to optimize for mobile, add personal touches, and ensure security to maximize your form's conversion potential. Happy form crafting!

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Zane Krumanocker
Zane Krumanocker
Creative Director | Co-founder
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